Myersville, MD Real Estate

    Myersville MD Real Estate

    Your Introduction to Myersville, MD

    If you are looking for a place where you can live in peace and quiet, you certainly won’t find many better options than the serene community of Myersville. The wonderful thing about life in Myersville, besides the fact that life is lived at a much slower pace, is that there is a definite sense of privacy among residents here. Essentially, a very strong community spirit has always been present. An example of this community spirit can be found in the history books of Myersville. For example, decades ago members of the community came together to help rebuild Stanley Kline’s Woodworks after it had accidentally burned down. Life may have changed over the last hundred years, but the community spirit of Myersville remains intact. If you’re in search of a small community where you will feel like you truly belong, then Myersville is a fantastic place to live.


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    Map of Myersville, MD


    How to Get Around Myersville, MD

    The majority of Myersville residents get around by driving – especially when it comes to their commute to work. While there’s no extensive public transportation system within the town, residents do have easy access to two different airports and three train stations within 30 miles of the town. This makes Myersville especially convenient for individuals that have to travel long distances for work and are looking for a smaller more close-knit community to live in. Myersville is also flanked by two major roads, I-70 and Highway 40, making access to some of the larger cities nearby relatively easy. In fact, I-70 will take residents right to the doorstep of Baltimore, which is within an hour-long drive away. I-70 will also take residents straight to I-270, which will take them towards Washington D.C.


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    Myersville, MD Real Estate

    There are numerous single-family homes available for both sale and rent throughout Myersville that range in size from one bedroom to five bedrooms. There are also condos and townhomes for sale as well. The home styles tend to vary between ranch-style and contemporary-style homes, as well as more colonial-style homes. You’ll find that many of the properties boast a decent chunk of land, making the homes quite private. This is quite a departure from many of the subdivisions located more directly outside of the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas, making Myersville real estate more attractive to individuals looking for more privacy and room.


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    Where to Go, What to Do

    As a small town, you won’t find too many options in terms of entertainment or attractions. However, there are a few dining and shopping options around the area, and because of the main roads right by the town, it’s incredibly easy to get to one of the surrounding cities, such as Brunswick, which is only 30 minutes away, or Frederick, which is only 20 minutes away.

    Although the town may not be chock-full of amenities, the choice to live here is one that is made in order to live in a peaceful and quiet area where you’ll have plenty of privacy but with the peace of mind of a strong community. If you happen to have a love for the outdoors, which you probably do if you’re looking for a small town home away from the city, then you have a lot of amazing things to do nearby. For example, there are three state parks in the area, all within a short driving distance away.

    • South Mountain State Park – This scenic park is 40 miles long and stretches from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac River. This beautiful park has no real main entrance, which means you can access it at a number of different spots, although you’ll most likely have to do so by foot, since most of the park is inaccessible by vehicle. Here you’ll be able to hike up the South Mountain, which boasts a part of the famous Appalachian National Scenic Trail. In addition to being able to observe some of the amazing wildlife contained in the 13,000 acre-forest, there are also two hunting areas for those so inclined.
    • Cunningham Falls State Park – Located in the Catoctin Mountains, there is a scenic lake area where visitors can swim, go canoeing or go fishing. There are also numerous camping areas and hiking trails throughout the park. There is also 3,500 acres of wildlands where hunting has been permitted.
    • Greenbrier State Park – The Appalachian Trail also passes through this park, although one of its main attractions is actually the man-made lake that’s 42 acres large. Its beach tends to draw tons of visitors, whether they are looking to go swimming, picnicking, canoeing or fishing. There are also picnic areas, camp sites and many hiking trails throughout the park.

    If you’re looking to relax in nature closer to home while doing something a little more active, then you should try a round of golf over at the popular Musket Ridge Golf Club. And if you’re looking to enjoy a day out, take the short drive out to Frederick where you can shop at one of more than 200 antique stores, check out the Weinberg Center for the Arts, tour the Monacacy National Battlefield and much more.


    Quick Stats about Myersville, MD

    • The average high temperature can reach the upper 80s in the summer months.
    • The average low temperature can reach the mid 20s during the winter months.
    • Myersville is 11.8 miles away from Frederick, MD.
    • Myersville is 61.1 miles away from Baltimore.


    Moving In

    Myersville is a small town; there’s no doubt about it. If you are looking for a serene place to live where you will still benefit from a strong sense of community, then Myersville is an excellent choice. While some may say that the lack of large attractions hurts the town’s appeal, the fact that you can visit one of three state parks within a half hour drive or enjoy the amenities of several large cities without having to drive more than 30 to 60 minutes is something that many towns cannot boast of. Myersville is a great place to get away from it all and live in peace and quiet without completely distancing yourself from the amenities of nearby cities.