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    Your Introduction to Westminster, MD

    If you’re trying to find a way to live near the hopping hub that is the Baltimore/Washington, DC area, but at a comfortable countryside distance, then Westminster is the place for you! This friendly village, located near the center of Maryland, is a quiet and safe haven for those who don’t mind being well outside the city. With stunning views, friendly farmland, and the modernity of suburban living, Westminster is a universal winner.

    This hillside enclave enjoys a cheerful and young population, largely consisting of families, working adults, and college students. The sparsely spread population here predominantly identifies as having German, Irish, and other western European ancestries, and holds generally higher levels of education than most communities in the United States. Incomes are high, and crime rates are low – if you have high standards like the residents of Westminster, you’ll get along great with this classy village!


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    Map of Westminster, MD


    How to Get Around Westminster, MD

    Westminster is a great example of a small but independent town, where all the real necessities of life are close by, but you’ll need a car if you really want to get to the big city. A local bus service operating solely within Carroll County is provided by the Carroll Area Transit System (or CATS), which enables the elderly and disabled to move around the town, but taxi services are essentially the only public transportation to Baltimore. Also, Westminster residents who work typically drive upwards of 45 minutes one way for their work commute, which is considerably higher than national averages. Like many suburbs that grant the benefits of living on the outskirts of a busy area, a typical lifestyle in Westminster necessitates either driving a car or carpooling.


    Westminster MD Homes for Sale


    Westminster, MD Real Estate

    Homes in Westminster share a few common characteristics across the city, mostly consisting of four-bedroom single-family homes and townhomes that tend to have been built in the 1970s and 1980s. Some properties, particularly on the north and west outskirts of town, date back to a couple of decades before that. Neighborhoods in Westminster cater from the upper middle class to the very wealthy, featuring plenty of room for extra vehicles as well as large property lots. In particular, the Winfield/Bloom neighborhood features mostly 5-bedroom and larger homes of the 1980s and 1990s luxury styles, which stand out from much of the rest of Maryland’s suburbs. Homeowners here don’t like to move often, which is a testament to how treasured these ideal homes in Westminster truly are.


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    Great Schools in Westminster, MD

    Westminster also has a high population of college students, thanks to the prestigious reputations of a few of its local colleges and universities. Some commute to the University of Baltimore, and many others stay closer to home at McDaniel College and Carroll Community College.


    Westminster MD Things to Do


    Where to Go, What to Do

    Being in the natural beauty outside the city doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! Carroll County’s friendly community at large is benefited by a steady, unobtrusive flow of tourist traffic, attracted to such pleasures as the original Union Mills Homestead that was built in 1797, or the Carroll County Farm Museum (which boasts outdoor attractions as well as indoor, including lovely walking trails around its gardens and ponds). Stop for a bite to eat after one of these delightful field trips, at well-loved local restaurants like Maggie’s, or Johansson’s Dining House. If you’re moving to Westminster with kids and need something more their speed, you don’t have to go to the city to find entertainment that will tire them out – there’s a kids’ fun zone right here in town! At the end of the day, it’s always possible to have fun in Westminster, without any of the downsides or dangers of urban living.


    Quick Stats about Westminster, MD

    • Original founding: 1764 (incorporated in 1838)
    • Highest Typical Summer Temperature: 89°F
    • Lowest Typical Winter Temperature: 25°F
    • 36 Miles from Baltimore, MD
    • 65 Miles from Washington, DC


    Moving In

    Not every family is looking for the same thing in a home, to be sure. However, most families are looking for a low crime rate, safe streets, beautiful parks, friendly neighbors, and great schools, along with a spacious and beautiful home. It’s totally possible to have all this and still be within reach of the best that Baltimore and DC have to offer, including great jobs, stellar entertainment, and awesome opportunities.

    Trade in the nightlife of the city for an unpolluted view of the stars, and make your home in Westminster, MD today!