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    Your Introduction to New Market, MD

    New Market is your perfect new home! For being easily accessible (right along I-70), this little town near the center of Maryland manages to stay small and unspoiled. Although New Market has been enthusiastically growing in recognition from prospective residents, it has overall remained one of the smallest communities in the state, with only around 300 residences as of the 2010 census. The people here are friendly, the tiny downtown district is adorable, and New Market is conveniently close to Baltimore. Over 50% of households in New Market have children, indicating that it’s a great place to raise a family.


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    Map of New Market, MD


    How to Get Around New Market, MD

    Most residents of New Market depend on a car for their regular commutes, and the typical working resident commutes over 30 minutes one-way to work daily. However, the downtown area of New Market is connected to Baltimore and the rest of the surrounding area by the Frederick County TransIT program, which provides routine bus service throughout Frederick County and connecting with Baltimore County public transit options. Check out the TransIT system map and service menu for more information about taking public transportation in New Market.


    New Market MD Homes for Sale


    New Market, MD Real Estate

    Around half of the homes in New Market have been built since the turn of the millennium, which means that despite the record low vacancy rates, it’s still possible to find a home in New Market that’s both beautiful and thoroughly modern. Nearly all residences in both neighborhoods of New Market are owner-occupied, which reflects strong stability in the local economy.

    Those homes which predate 2000 were typically built after 1980, with a handful of exceptions. Most homes in New Market have four, five, or more bedrooms, although some three-bedroom homes can be found here, and the Town Center neighborhood is also home to a number of condos. Lot sizes with real estate properties vary, but with diligent searching and the help of a good agent, it’s easy to find a spacious homestead with amazing views in New Market!


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    Great Schools in New Market, MD

    Residents of New Market are also frequently affiliated (either as students or as faculty) with the University of Baltimore, which is known for many programs, but particularly its School of Law.


    New Market MD Real Estate
    by Eric Molina


    Where to Go, What to Do

    Since New Market attracts a relatively young population of urban sophisticates, the people are supportive of arts, theatre, and local business. New Market is known as the “Antique Capital of Maryland”, and the downtown district sponsors two major annual festivals; “A Day in New Market” on the first Saturday in May, and “Christmas in New Market” on the first Saturday in December. Both festivals celebrate the 18th and 19th century lifestyle of settlers who made Maryland what it is today, and feature shopping, dining, and entertainment from local businesses and vendors. Also, New Market enjoys the luxury of being close to one of the nation’s most famous outdoor amusement parks, Adventure Park USA!


    Quick Stats about New Market, MD

    • Over 13% of working residents are telecommuters who work from home.
    • Working residents are mostly made up of white-collar workers in technology and design industries.
    • New Market is 41 miles from Baltimore, MD.
    • New Market is 45 miles from Washington, DC.


    Moving In

    The city of New Market is a friendly and welcoming place, and while it’s growing steadily, it’s not growing too quickly to remain enjoyable for a good, long time. The people who live here are sophisticated, tasteful, well-educated, and ambitious, and this creates a great environment for success as well as relaxation. There are many communities to tempt your interest in the Maryland countryside, but few offer such proximity to the city combined with this kind of small-town community. If you’re looking for a safe, peaceful home base for success in your career or in raising your children, then New Market is the place to be!