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    Welcome to Middletown, MD

    The town of Middletown acquired its name due to the fact that it lies roughly halfway between the Catoctin Mountains to the east and South Mountain to the west. This Maryland town has experienced significant population growth over the last decade as many new residents arrive to take advantage of the town’s location, scenery, amenities, schools, and more.

    George Washington himself reportedly called attention to the beauty of the region in which Middletown is situated while he was surveying the area around South Mountain. The town of Middletown has a long history, having been established back in the mid-18th century by English and German settlers. To today’s residents, Middletown offers convenient proximity to nearby cities like Washington and Philadelphia while providing a small town charm to those who make the town their home.


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    Map of Middletown, MD


    How to Get Around Middletown, MD

    Middletown is a rather small community that does not have its own public transportation system. However, there are several bus and train stations located around Middletown. There are greyhound stations in both Frederick (8 miles from Middletown) and Hagerstown (14 miles from Middletown), and there is an Amtrak station 13 miles from Middletown at Harpers Ferry. The nearest airport is found 30 minutes to the North of Middletown at Hagerstown Regional Airport, and Dulles International Airport can be reached within an hour.


     Middletown MD Homes for Sale


    Middletown, MD Real Estate

    A typical home in Middletown is a single family home with three, four, or five bedrooms, and home values in Middletown tend to be only slightly higher than average home values across the entire state of Maryland. The renting population of Middletown is lower than the state average, showing that home ownership in Middletown is more common than in the rest of Maryland on average. Middletown is a family-oriented community with more than ten percent more family households than in the population of Maryland overall.


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    Great Schools in Middletown, MD

    Education is clearly stressed among the population of Middletown. The attainment of both Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degree is more common in the population of Middletown than in the rest of the state. There are three public schools in Middletown and one private school.

    There are also several institutions of higher learning located near Middletown where students can take college-level courses. These include Frederick Community CollegeShepherd University, and Montgomery College in Rockville.


    Things to Do in Middletown MD


    Where to Go, What to Do

    Living in Middletown is ideal for those who crave the quiet tranquility of a small town that is conveniently located to a variety of outdoor opportunities. One of the most widely praised attractions in the Middletown area is the Fox Haven Learning Center. This is a unique attraction that allows visitors to connect with nature and participate in educational programs that provide those who attend with information on topics such as art, gardening, bird watching, orienteering, and more.

    One advantage to living in Middletown is the town’s convenience to both beach vacation destinations such as the Chesapeake Bay and the beaches of Delaware and the Jersey Shore in the summertime and winter sports attractions such as Liberty Mountain and Whitetail Resort for the colder months.


    Quick Stats about Middletown, MD

    Below are some interesting facts and statistics about the community of Middletown:

    • Middletown’s population has increased by almost 60 percent since the year 2000.
    • Both the Union and the Confederate armies passed through the town of Middletown during the Civil War en route to battles at Antietam and South Mountain. The wounded of these battles were cared for in part by Middletown residents who offered opened their homes to those who were injured during the fighting.
    • Baseball legend Charlie “King Kong” Keller, who played for both the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees in the 1940s and 1950s, was from Middletown.


    Moving In

    Above all, those who make the move to Middletown enjoy the advantage of wonderfully convenient and luxurious homes. Real estate in Middletown tends to offer not only a comfortable spaciousness, but also often features home automation conveniences, extensive yard space, and beautiful architectural designs. The Middletown community has been giving a liveability rating of 81 thanks to its low crime rate, high median household income, stable real estate market, and exceptional educational resources.

    Those contemplating which small town in Maryland would be ideal for raising a family and taking advantage of the convenience of a Mid-Atlantic location should seriously consider checking out housing options in Middletown. This Maryland community offers beautiful real estate located amid a supportive community that offers constant family-oriented activities that create an ideal environment for young children.