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    Your Introduction to Ellicott City, MD

    Ellicott City is a community in Howard County, Maryland that has been in existence for over 200 years. As one of the older communities in the state of Maryland, history buffs will love its variety of museums and old buildings to explore. Although Ellicott City is perhaps best known for its strong ties to the past, its proximity to major urban corridors of the east coast means that Ellicott City offers a wealth of things to do for all kinds of people. Ellicott City was named in Money Magazine’s top ten places to live because of its wealth, small-town charm and diverse array of real estate available for residents. Whether you are more interested in taking a historic journey through the past or enjoying a quiet lifestyle in a spacious home, Ellicott City is the perfect place to move to.


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    How To Get Around Ellicott City, MD

    Because of Ellicott City’s nearness to the major city of Baltimore, residents have many options for getting around. Ellicott City is served by several modes of transportation including buses run by the Maryland Transit Administration and Howard County. Those looking to take a flight can reserve a shuttle from Ellicott City to airports like Baltimore Washington International, Dulles, and Ronald Reagan National. Drivers in Ellicott City have easy access to major routes like I-70, US-29 and I-95. From Ellicott City, travelers can easily get anywhere in the entire world.


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    Ellicott City, MD Real Estate

    Due to Ellicott City’s affluence, home buyers are able to choose from a multitude of different types of housing. There are plenty of spacious colonial-style homes as well as upscale apartment complexes and townhomes depending on your lifestyle and preferences. You can choose to live closer to the hustle and bustle of Ellicott City’s historic district, or if you prefer a quieter residence there are numerous sub-developments with comfortable houses available. Ellicott City has a large enough variety of properties for anyone to find the type of home that they are looking for. Many people choose to make a home in Ellicott City and commute to their workplaces in Baltimore or Washington, D.C.


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    Where to Go, What to Do

    Without a doubt, the crown jewel of Ellicott City is its downtown district, sometimes known as Historic Ellicott City or Old Ellicott City. This area of Ellicott City has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places for over 30 years. Notable attractions include the B&O Railroad Museum’s Ellicott City Station, the oldest surviving rail station in the United States, as well as the Ellicott City Firehouse Museum, which includes fire equipment from the 19th and early 20th centuries. If you are looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone special, you can pop into Out Of Our Past Antiques, which offers furniture, housewares, and accessories from centuries past. Once you are tired from a long day of shopping and checking out the museums, relax with a cold drink and delicious meal at The Diamondback Tavern.

    When night falls, if you are feeling brave you can explore one of the many places in Ellicott City alleged to be haunted by ghosts of the pasts. At the Patapsco Female Institute, a 19th century finishing school for girls, the spirits of young women that passed away from disease are said to wander the ruins where classrooms and dorm rooms once stood. At Ellicott City’s old fire station, the ghosts of former firemen are said to be heard walking up and down the stairs and slamming the doors. You will also want to attend some of the many seasonal events available for residents, including farmers’ markets and concerts. Old Ellicott City will provide you with something new to discover every time you take a trip to this historic part of town.


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    Moving In

    Life in Ellicott City combines an strong element of history with the urban sensibility that comes from being so close to two of the biggest cities in the United States: Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. If you are a home buyer that wants all the sophistication and opportunity that comes with living close to a big city, but do not want to give up the tranquility and comforts that are provided in a small town, Ellicott City is the perfect place to call home.