Why the Show House is Special

    The Thomas House will host the 2019 Designers’ Show House of Frederick this June. Built in 1950 by the Thomas family and owned by them until 2018 the home was in pristine condition. Brick all the way around the home and solidly built across from Baker Park and blocks to downtown. Yet it sat on the market for sale for quite some time. Why? Because most buyers lack the ability to envision the cosmetics differently. Carpeting covered most of 2 floors of the home but hardwoods were obviously underneath. Lifting the floor vent and taking a peek is all it took to know for sure. Wallpaper covered most of the walls in the home. Although wallpaper is making a comeback this was dated and not to today’s buyers’ taste. The kitchen and baths needed an overhaul as well.

    Just having finished renovation of our own historic home in Baker Park, Doug and I knew what it would take to bring this house back to it’s former glory. A little TLC and a lot of thought. Oh and I should mention a great contractor. We’ve had much discussion over how best to open it up and make it fit today’s lifestyles. The traditional layout made the rooms feel very separate. We widened the doorways into the living room and library and arched the top to match the transom window over the front door. Too much to list here but as we made our changes we kept as much of the charm and original woodwork as possible. Built-ins remain in several spaces and we’ve added some in others. The biggest change is finishing the attic and adding a bathroom to give a third floor living space.

    In case there’s any doubt, I love this house! I love taking an older home that was obviously well loved but just needed some updating to bring out its best. The cherry on top is to share it with our great city and raise money for a worthy cause all at the same time! Check back for more updates and surprises as the outside transformation will be coming along as soon as weather permits. Sneak peeks can be found on Instagram and Facebook from our superbly talented designers as we go through the process.  #frederickshowhouse @frederickshowhouse

    The Thomas House


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